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Herbal Beverage Ba Zhen With Jujube

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1 Box contains 15 Sachets (15 days)


Irregular menstrual flows, abdomen and lower back cramps, dizziness, lacking of energy, poor sleeping quality - STOP accepting these symptoms as normal, your periods shouldn't be in this pattern.

Ba Zhen are Traditional Chinese Medicine recipe made from a blend of Qi and Blood nourishing Chinese herbs used to help regulate irregular menstrual flows/cycles, improve Qi, replenish blood and help provide relief from cold hands and feet due to Qi & Blood deficiency.

Conveniently packaged in single-serving, ready-to-drink sachets, tear and sip is all you need to enjoy its nourishing benefits. No more hourly boiling and awful herbal-ish taste like the traditional Ba Zhen tonic.

Traditional formulation with modern innovation that designed to improve your period-health effectively and naturally.

KKM Approved


100% Plant Based
Deliciously Tasty
Proven Support
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When & How to Eat

Recommendation Dosage:
Consume 1 sachet daily and stop when period begins. 

When to eat?
Consume it on empty stomach, about half hour before meals.
Consume it after your meals if you have weak stomach.

Please Notes:
Do not consume if you are experiencing these conditions:

  • On your period
  • Having flu / fever
  • If you're pregnant
  • If you're diagnosed with Endometriosis or PCOS
  • If you're lactating or taking medications, please consult a doctor or dietitian before taking any nutritional products.

Frequently Ask Question

What is Ba Zhen supplement?

Ba Zhen supplement is a Chinese herbal supplement that promotes overall health and vitality. It supports the immune system, increases energy, and improves well-being.

Why I CANNOT consume Ba Zhen on my periods

Ba Zhen's herbs promote blood flow and circulation which could potentially cause more discharge when consumed during periods.

Is it heaty?

While some Chinese herbs are believed to have a "heating" or "cooling" effect on the body, Ba Zhen is generally considered a neutral herbs supplment that is safe for most people to consume.

Why it is NOT suitable for people with endometriosis?

In TCM, women who diagnosed with endometriosis may not be suitable to consume Ba Zhen supplement due to its nourishing properties. The herbal formula promotes tissue growth and could potentially cause the uterine tissues to grow larger, leading to heavier menstrual flow.

Why it is NOT suitable for people with PCOS?

Ba Zhen supplement is known for its nourishing and replenishing properties, which may provide essential nutrients to the body. However, in the case of cysts, Ba Zhen may not be suitable as it could potentially exacerbate symptoms by providing nutrients to the cysts, causing them to become larger.

Is it suitable to consume during pregnancy?

While Ba Zhen is generally considered safe and is a common herbal formula for most people, but we will NOT recommend to consume during pregnancy. The good news is it is very suitable to consume after delivered baby for speedy body recovery and nourishment.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes numerous changes, and it is important to be cautions about what you consume, including herbs and supplements. It is always best to consult with the healthcare provider before you consider to opt for any supplement supports.

How long does it takes to see improvement on your period health?

Consistency is key when taking Ba Zhen supplement, and it is not an overnight fix! A daily dose of this natural herbal supplement is what you need to see real changes in your health.

While some may experience benefits within a week or two, the full effects of Ba Zhen will truly begin to show after 2-3 months of consistent use as part of your daily ritual

Is this product Muslim Friendly?

Yes, our product is Muslim-friendly as all the ingredients used are plant-based, ensuring that it aligns with requirements of the Muslim community.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Second time bulk purchase!

When I first started drinking it I didn’t notice any difference with my period and cramps but after 2 months I realised it really helped! So I would recommend buying more than 2 months of supply to try. I used to have really painful cramps especially during the first two days of my menses, but now it has become a lot more manageable. I still do feel the pain on my first day, but the flow is a lot better. The taste of it is pretty good too! Like a little treat for myself before the start of my day! :)

Alida n.

Beyond expectation. I no longer feel as much period pain as before after consuming this for 3months. Definitely seen a significant progress with this herbal beverage, I no longer vomit and need to skip work due to period pain and most importantly I only get light symptoms of period nowadays. Thank you so much to one of your team who convinced me to try this herbal and I’m no longer on the lookout for medicine to help ease my menstrual pain.

Good in taste

So far this is the best tasted bazhen I ever had in my life. The items are well packaged and good looking haha. Hopefully it works on me.

Selby T.

Great taste and very convenient to drink as it is in a small sachet.


Love it! Sebelum ni beli satu je, ni beli 3. Harap makin tak sakit bila period. Ameenn