Why you need Chinese medicine in relieving period discomforts?

Why you need Chinese medicine in relieving period discomforts?


What causes period cramps?

Period cramps occur due to the contraction of the muscular walls of the uterus. During your period, the walls contract vigorously to shed the uterine lining, compressing the blood vessels lining your uterus.

This causes the blood and oxygen supply to your uterus to be temporarily blocked, resulting in pain-triggering chemicals to be released. Prostaglandins, which further stimulates the contraction of the uterus, are also produced, hence intensifying the period cramps.


TCM Approach in relieving Period Discomforts

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest licensed healing traditions in the world. In TCM, we see the body as a whole, with all of the beautiful complex systems of the body working together in order to achieve harmony and thriving health. Everything is connected.

One of the pillars in Chinese medicine is treating the root cause of someone’s problem:- called the ‘Root and Branch Theory’.

This theory is that any illness has a root (the cause) and a branch (the symptoms). If we just focus on cutting down the branches, new ones will just pop up in its place, in order to fix a problem, we must get to the root.

The focus in Chinese medicine is always to restore the body back to its homeostatic balance, so we can live full lives – symptom free!

Once a Chinese medicine diagnosis has been made, we focus on the underlying organ systems that are out of balance. For example, very often for menstrual symptoms like period pain, the Liver organ system is stuck or stagnated.

In TCM, period cramps are believed to be due to three causes:

i)  Liver Qi stagnation

ii) Cold accumulation

iii) Qi and blood deficiency


Liver Qi stagnation

Liver Qi stagnation can cause distending pain in the lower abdomen, which can spread to the waist and back. Qi stagnation is caused by blood stasis (when blood flow slows and coagulates), and is often observed as the sharp stabbing pain.

Cold accumulation

Cold accumulation is often caused by the overconsumption of cold foods and drinks or the environment, obstructing the Qi flow to the uterus. Cold accumulation results in blood stasis which causes the sharp stabbing pain. It also enhances contraction of the uterine muscles, which contributes to the pain.

Qi and blood deficiency

Ladies who have a weaker constitution (people who are more prone to getting sick), had a major illness or loss of blood would suffer from a deficiency of Qi, blood and kidney essence which are all important in supplying nutrients to the uterus. This will lead to the dull aching pain that occurs before or during your period.


How Chinese medicine help your menstrual health?

TCM focuses on treating the cause of period cramps - Stagnation caused Pain 「不通則痛」.Therefore, the main approach of TCM to menstrual cramp is to warm the uterus to expel the cold, while activating blood and Qi flow to remove blood stasis.

Ba Zhen 「八珍」is a Chinese herbal medicine made up with 8 types of active herbs formulated for Qi and Blood deficiency, promoting blood circulation, lack of energy, improves pale complexion, shortness of breath, and irregular or painful menstruation.

However, the taste of the Ba Zhen herbal tonic isn't great and hardly acceptable among women, not to mention the hourly boiling preparation time making this herbal supplement tonic uncommittable in our busy life today.

The Solution

Herbal Beverage Ba Zhen with Jujube ® is a post period nourishing herbal drink which made of 100% pure authentic Chinese herbs of highest qualities.

This practitioner formulated, science-led formula is a delicious blend of Ba Zhen, Jujube (red date), superfood spice like Ginger, and Japan Yuzu Seed (rich in antioxidant & Vitamin C) which work together to improve Qi, boost energy and activating blood circulation and have you feeling your best every day of the month. Most importantly, it is tasty and no awful taste here, we promised!

Enjoy a sachet a day to keep the PMS and cramps away - 3 months of consistent use is recommended for full effects to take place.

The combination of diet and lifestyle support is important too in restoring the body back to its homeostatic balance and eventually resulting in a healthier menstrual cycle.